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400Hz frequency power system

Adapted ETRI ventilation solutions

A 400Hz frequency power system allows the use of smaller and lighter transformers. It is suitable for short current lines. This frequency is mainly used in aviation and marine applications where the small size of the equipment is a necessity.

ETRI 400Hz axial and centrifugal fans are specially developed for these power systems.

They deliver up to 970 l/s and run at up to 23,000 rpm.

Powered by 115 or 200V, single or three phase, ETRI offers solutions with power up to 1250W (other power ratings on request).

Some fans are available in two voltages: 115V and 200V

They are thus ideally suited to the various needs of the application.

Their characteristics guarantee an optimal operation even in severe environments:

  • tropicalization
  • protection against shocks and vibrations
  • protection against salt spray
  • protection class up to IP65
  • Operating temperatures up to -55°C - +125°C

Other voltages (24V, 26V, 208V, 380V, etc...) and other frequencies are also available, contact us.