Motors 115V and 200V
(106Z, 82T, 103T, 110VU, 99XV, 551CTF, 80T, 98XE, 98XJ, 125XS, 125XT, 155BW, 121VY, 85M, 86M, 61BE, 112BC)

Axial and centrifugal fans for use in severe environment : tropicalized, salt spray, high vibrations, shocks,…

  • Axial fans with impeller in plastic or aluminium
  • Maximum airflow: 970l/s
  • Maximum pressure: 440mmH2O
  • Dimensions from 67 x 38mm to 275 x 275mm
  • Single phase AC motor in 115V or 200V at 400Hz 
  • Housings in aluminium or zamak
  • Options different according to the fan type