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Brand of fans ETRI

Founded in 1945, ETRI activity has been taken over in 2002 by ROSENBERG VENDOME who designs, manufactures and sells electric motors and fans.

For more than 70 years, ETRI proposes a wide range of standard axial and centrifugal fans and also specific products developed on the basis of customers specifications. Particularly specialized in production of fans for rail and avionics industry, ETRI has extended its range to military electronic up to air conditioning and forced ventilations of high performances.

Our success factors

We first focus on technical exchanges with our customers to allow our know-how to offer a real value added for a customized solution meeting outstanding quality standards.

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to offer the best service with all the necessary accuracy. A flexible approach allows a narrow cooperation with customer’s development team for a better time to market realization.

Application examples